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Only in 2012 

2012 is a year i never ever forget to all best moments.i have so many special things and these is it :

* welcoming my 21 years old, yayayay ^_^ life came so fast ! 

* i found new best friends, new people, in garut when i was KKN. KKN gave me best experience, aku tidak mengira pas diakhir KKN begitu sangat berkesan, although there was so many problem but my new friends are so cares and FANTASTIC

* i came to hijab fashion show FOR THE FIRST TIME „’cause free ^_^ nd i’m so so enthusiastic about fashion style although i can’t designing my own fashion with a perfect design, but i never get bored for the fashion design and i’ll never give up! ganbatte !! 

* proposal was coming ! it’s sign that skripsi going to coming ! FIGHTING !!

* i found BigBang, padahal aku denger lagu Love Song nya BigBang ituh dah lama kira2 pas tahun 2010an lah dan suka bgt but i’m not interested to Kpop before ‘cause korean guys just like a girl upss ! so i was lazy to downloading this song, i was listening Love Song in radio, tv nd never any listed in my mp3 cellphone “sigh” and in the last November 2012 suddenly i watched Official Music Video Love Song BigBang (so late -_-) nd makin suka sma lagunya and i continued to watched another MV of BigBang i watched Fantastic Baby, Blue, Bad boy when i watched Badboy~ DAMN ! these guys’re so cool, their music, their songs, their singer, their color~ hmm these korean guys’re different with another korean boyband ,argghh why am i not find BigBang in the past, why am i realize in the present ? “sigh” ! AND NOW (until whenever maybe ) BIGBANG IS LIKE DRUGS FOR ME, ^__^

* GD, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, (Especially my boy—> Seungri, brought colors to my life , thanks guys ^3^

thanks Allah to everything, to Your Rahmat, to Your Love, untuk smua kesempatan yang telah Engkau berikan padaku 

 actually there was so many special things list in the 2012 but i can’t remember all (hahaha LOL). i’m gonna doing better in 2013 FIGHTING!  , ya Allah wish all my dreams comes true in 2013 amienn !! 

   T.O.P           Seungri    Taeyang    GD       Daesung

GOOD BYE 2012, WELCOME 2013,